Picolase™ works on the epidermis and leaves an infinitesimal photomechanical impact on it. In this way, the epidermis, which is engaged in communication with dermis inside the body results in raising elastin and collagen production in the skin. With this procedure, the skin revitalizes without any downtime, only with the use of Pico laser. It is an ideal solution to get relief over the pigmentation condition.

  1. Picolase employs the application of Ultra-Pico technology, which matches with the new generation technologies. Also, it comes with a small pulse width which is even minute than nanotechnology.
  2. For the fastest results, it is good to choose Picolase. It works effectively over the lesions and removes the pigmentation from its deep roots.
  3. It is a perfect solution for tattoo removal, Melasma, and rejuvenating skin.
  4. The presence of honeycomb 3-stage flat cap homogenization ensures a stable output of the power. All the surrounding tissues are protected by the double flat cap from any damage.
  5. It guarantees long-term treatment accuracy with the protection of the handpiece.
  6. The super-effective anti-breakage technology comes with 7 articulating arm ensuring effective results without any damage on the skin.
picolase laser tattoo removal

Advantages Of Picolase™

Picolase™ uses the new generation of true Ultra-Pico Technology, It has smaller pulse width than Nano Technology,

Picolase™ is the fastest & most effective laser to treat pigmented lesions like melasma, skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal.

Unique double honeycomb flatcap 3 stages homogenization, keeps the output power stable. No damage to the surrounding tisues.

Seven articular-arm anti-break technology, gurantte accuracy of long treatment and protect the precious handpiece.

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