Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Brisbane

At Beauty by Laser, we specialise in eyebrow tattoo removal. This treatment can be done as full removal of the brows or partial removal ready for a new Tattoo. Eyebrow Tattoo removal results is a gradual fading which will occur over several weeks.  A series of treatments are required every 6 to 8 weeks apart and the number of treatments will vary from person to person depending on how excessively saturated the ink is, the age of the eyebrow tattoo and the depth of the ink.  If you are considering having your eyebrows redone, we recommend waiting 6 weeks before applying a new tattoo.

 How the treatment works

Beauty by Laser uses a medical grade Conbio Medlite C6 ND: Yag Q switched laser and the Picolaser to remove tattoo ink from underneath the skins surface. The laser energy is converted to heat energy that causes the tattoo pigment to oxidise.  The pigment molecules are shattered into smaller particles that the body then removes via the lymphatic system. The better hydrated you are and the healthier your immune system will determine how effective the treatment is for you.

 The process

The laser specialist will start cooling the area with our medical grade Zimmer machine by incorporating the Zimmer into our laser tattoo removal treatments we have no need for topical anesthetic due to the numbing effect of the cold on the skin. Once the area is starting to feel numb from the cooling then we will perform a series of test shots to obtain the optimum settings for your tattoo removal treatment.

 Does Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Hurt?

The pain during the treatment is very minor.  The darker, more heavily inked eyebrows will be slightly more painful compared to the more faded eyebrows. The procedure is over within a few minutes.

 Is Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Safe?

There are minimal side effects with tattoo removal, however all procedures come with a small amount of risk. We compare the feeling after the treatment to a mild sunburn. The lighter the skin colour the lower the risk of complications and the higher the success rate. 

 After the treatment

An application of soothing gel will be applied to the area and an ice pack given if needed. You will be advised by your laser specialist the necessary aftercare procedure.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal